About the reviewers

Miss J.
  • Miss J is a researcher, teacher and translator, and an avid cinema-goer.

Monsieur D.

  • Fier d’être l’élément francophone, francophile, et puisqu’il le faut Français (mais pas que) de ce blog, Monsieur D. quand il n’est pas au cinéma ou au théâtre, quand il ne lit, ni n’écrit, le plus souvent dort.
    Aime le chocolat, le fromage et le thé ainsi que les conversations amicales (surtout celles avec Miss J.).

3 responses to “About the reviewers

  1. I came across your website and liked it very much. I would be most happy to collaborate with you, for our mutual benefit. My website is http://www.Le-mot-juste-en-anglais.com

    Jonathan Goldberg

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words. What exactly did you have in mind, in terms of collaboration?
    Miss J. and Monsieur D.

  3. Dear Miss J & Monsieur D,
    We would be interested in you reviewing our Award winning Indy Asian film Citizen Jia Li which was released in the USA & UK/EU last month on Hulu & Viewster.

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